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Fact Finding

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Now that you've commissioned music for your project, it is time to bring more detail to what it is you'd like to hear created. This session will happen online or at a location given at the time of booking. During this session you will share your hopes and dreams for the project. From these hopes and dreams we will be able to research what has precedent, and we will imagine the unprecedented. Since there’s nothing new under the Sun, the uniqueness of your project will be revealed through our choices of what elements to illuminate within your project. Do you want it to have a particular vibe like that of a certain band or artists. Do we need foley work? …Narration? …Beats? For instance, you love specific artists, and specific songs they’ve created, we can listen to them and decide what are the characteristics of the song that you want emulated. We will not copy, we will zone into the vibe, not clone the vibe. Zoning into a vibe requires creation of original material while utilizing musical devices that give the music you love the characteristics that you love. I could describe it like this; When it comes to dessert, many love cake…. A cake generally is baked in the same type of way no matter the flavor of the cake. Cakes of different flavors generally require some type of batter, which require some type of liquid mixed with certain solid or powdery ingredients, a rising agent like baking powder, some form of egg like substance or substitute, and heat. So, in this case, in the case of music, you can actually choose the type of cake you want. So here you really can have your cake and eat it too. But we eat music with our ears and our hearts.

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